About Us

Who are we?

Our philosophy:

"Everything is doable"

We are a group of professionals with multi-year experience from the big 4 companies who believe that consulting and advisory services could be provided more meaningfully. The main asset of BusT Advisory is our team. We possess the right combination of skills and level of true experience covering the whole landscape of Business Transformation. We build on our extensive knowledge gained while delivering consulting services to the biggest financial institutions across Europe that enabled us to come up with a unique approach which brings high value results to our clients.

We support our clients with a wide range of activities related to business transformation, such as Strategy determination, Business process review, Core system replacement/implementation, RPA, AI, Data analytics, and IT architecture. In partnership with our clients, we provide a variety of professional advisory services and innovative solutions to help them achieve operational excellence and adapt more easily to the constantly evolving market. We understand that the needs of our clients vary significantly, which is why we offer a wide range of collaboration options, from providing individual experts who meet our clients’ current needs to delivering end-to-end projects and turn-key solutions. Our primary focus is on financial institutions, particularly insurance companies, though our services and solutions can also be applied to other industries.

What do we do?

Business transformation

Why choose us?

10+ years experience

We leverage our deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, the extensive experience of our professionals, smart, innovative solutions and a unique approach to project delivery with focus on long-term partnership and durable solutions. Our experience and team philosophy, combined with our commitment to delivering on our promises, are the main reasons why clients seek out our services and find our support valuable. We bring new ideas while ensuring smooth and effective delivery without disrupting business as usual activities, which is highly appreciated by our clients.

Meet BusT Advisory

Jakub Rada


Mario Bumbera

Transformation expert


RPA expert and Data analyst


IT and Business Analyst


Developer and Business Analyst

katerina gracova

Senior Business Analyst

jaroslav dianiska

Senior Business Analyst

How we differ?

Client centricity

Building upon bilateral trust

Building upon internal resources

Treating clients as partners

know-how transfer is the key

client centricity

Keeping friendly and symbiotic working team and always put clients needs as our number-one priority…

bilateral trust

Only mutual collaboration based on bilateral trust can bring the highest quality and effective delivery to clients…

internal skills

Leverage internal resources and complement them with right profiles from our team while emphasizing on-the-job training…

building partnership

Fully open discussions with clients, challenging their ideas and expressing concerns regarding forseeable risks…

know-how transfer

Emphasis on knowledge transfer throughout projects and building up internal Centers of Excellence (CoE)…

partners network

Extensive network of partners which enables us to provide end-to-end services and solutions beyond our capabilities…

Client Centricity

We believe in keeping friendly and symbiotic working team and always put clients needs as our number-one priority. This is the way how we want to be different – do our mission less limited, less corporate, less rigid, less administrative and more dynamic, more creative, more open-minded, more entertaining for everyone.​

bilateral trust is essential

No matter the industry, no matter the nature of business, we truly believe that only mutual collaboration with our clients and partners based on bilateral trust can bring the highest quality and most efficiently delivered outcomes.

Building upon internal resources

We are aware that in every organization, there is always a number of talented and competent professionals with a deep understanding of internal processes and systems. Hence we always leverage the internal resources as much as possible and just complement them with the right profiles from our team of consultants and implementation partners. Our professionals enrich the team with a unique experience and expertise gained during various projects for various clients across the whole Europe that enables them to think out of the box, bring smart new ideas and innovations.

Such team setup guarantees the most efficient and effective delivery of projects as well as the proper knowledge transfer through on-the-job training.

We treat our clients as partners

Trust also means delivering on promises. This is not possible without being fully open to clients and treating them as partners. We always have open discussions with our clients, challenge their ideas and express our concerns regarding foreseeable risks. Taking everything into account we try to find the best tailor-made solution that will bring the highest value to the client. We rather “say no” to projects we do not believe to meet client’s best interest.

internal coe and motivated competent employees

Successful Business Transformation is not only about business processes optimization and introduction of innovative technologies. It is also about building motivating and challenging working environment, changing employees’ mindset and attitude towards problem solving.
Based on our experience it is not possible to achieve long-term sustainability of any changes made or IT solutions implemented without having an internal team of experts to manage, maintain, follow, enhance and rollout implementations across the company.
That is why we place significant emphasis on knowledge transfer throughout each and every project as well as building up client’s internal Centers of Excellence (CoE).​