Candidate's profile

Do you enjoy doing things differently and breaking trends? Do you have combination of skills described below?

University degree – economy, business, finance, math, it, etc.
Fast learners – suitable for fresh graduates with minor experience
Out-of-box and logical thinking, structured problem solving, open mindedness
Previous job experience in consulting, banking or insurance sector (advantage)
Basic coding skills (sql, vb) or at least no aversion (advantage)
Adaptiveness and team spirit

Open positions

Business analyst

Analyse and optimize processes in multinational enterprise environment

Learn and understand how insurance, banking and other business works on daily basis

Create, design, innovate, fix or brainstorm about current (as-is) and future (to-be) processes

Be in direct touch with key business individuals (from day-to-day operators to board members)

Be able to challenge and come up with new ideas related to subject of your work

Analyse data if you have coding and required analytical skills

Be responsible for outputs – cost-benefit analysis, presentations, process map, etc.

Become an essential part of large team with long-term ambitious

RPA developer

Analyse, optimize and choose processes for automation in multinational enterprise environment

Learn and understand how insurance, banking and other business works on daily basis

Create solution design, develop robots in RPA tool, test and deploy into production

Come up with innovative ideas, challenge business and find the most effective solutions

Learn about different systems – Languages (VB, SQL, …), Applications (web, java, ...), web services, API, SQL database and more

Prepare cost-benefit analysis and create business case for managers, boards

Be a part of large team with advanced experience in RPA (many successful project for big organization or company)

IT/Data analyst

Have to understand both the business and technology needs and link them

Design, analyze and implement efficient IT systems

Be responsible for creating and examining the functional specifications

Collaborate with the developers to design and implement technology solutions

Integrate multiple systems and reconcile needs of different teams

Recognize the areas for improvement within IT infrastructures

Resolve and debug IT systems and make sure error-free functionality and user satisfaction

Interpret data, analyze results using statistical techniques and provide ongoing reports

Develop and implement databases, data collection systems, data analytics and other strategies that optimize efficiency and data quality

Identify, analyze, and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets

Locate and define new process improvement opportunities based on data