BusT Advisory s.r.o.

Business Consulting

Our services and solutions help clients to rebuild and reframe their business in order to adapt markets accelerating towards being fully digital and online.

Business transformation advisory

Don't be afraid of a change.
Be the one who makes it.

We are a group of professionals with multi-year experience from big 4 companies who believe that consulting and advisory services might be provided more meaningfully.

Lesslimited, corporate, rigid, administrativeway.

Our Services

We provide solutions for various industries

Business Process review

Cross-departmental business processes analysis run from IT, Lean and IA perspective which helps to reveal the right strategy to achieve full operational excellence

Robotic process automation

Removing robots from employees and helping business to focus on meaningful tasks by using the most advanced automation tools on the market

Business Process Management

Backbone for back office processes modelling and tracking, when legacy core systems limit the business

Data analytics

Business oriented data analytics (operational management, fraud detection, retention management, KPIs set-up, managerial dashboards, datadriven decision making processes, etc.) as well as Actuarial modelling 

IT Consulting

Support during the whole IT systems delivery, M&A or other IT delivery solutions such as CRM or Mobile apps

Artificial Intelligence

Generating value by augmenting and innovating their business and processes with variety of products leveraging on machine learning such as Chatbots, Computer Vision or Enhanced statistical methods