Process optimization

Our company has a long history of providing business process review and analysis services. Business process review performed by BusT and experience achieved in insurance companies as well as health insurance companies in Central and Southern Europe can be expressed as "versatile". Our comprehensive approach includes analyzing current processes, identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and recommending solutions that drive business growth and success.


Listening to Customer's needs carefully and understanding the Company's strategy is where every cooperation shall begin. Rolling the vision and targets of the Company with top-down approach during projects preserve the added value of our services.


Defining the scope of a project which brings the most positive business case is the essential prerequisite to provide successful delivery to the Client. Moreover, it enables to change the relation "vendor-customer" to the partnership.


During lean business process analysis covering shadowing, process scanning, brainstorming workshops and challenging status quo of selected department, we leverage our experience, current market trends and innovations while validating with business possible TO-BE state.



Using our extensive skills in technologies, we are able to implement quick-fixes even during process review and make process more efficient instantly. Commonly used tools are: RPA, VBA, SQL. Also our out-of-box and unbiased view helps only by simple reorganizing of the processes.


During shadowing, interviews and workshops on all levels of the Company, collected data are immediately consolidated into Business requirement documents, cost-benefit analyses, route-map to operational excellence and presentation for Board.


Outcomes are validated with business owners or Board and consolidated information transformed into business case is presented and handed over to the Client in chosen language. Such outcome is prepared in a way to be able to follow-up with implementation of findings.

Core System Replacement

BusT Advisory was an essential part of all stages of core system replacement which a Company has to go through. As our team members have successfully assisted numerous clients in replacing their legacy systems with modern, efficient solutions in roles of architects as well as analysts we are able to share contrasting approaches and (un)success stories. Our deep understanding of the insurance industry allows us to seamlessly integrate new systems and ensure a smooth transition for our clients.

We believe that each core system replacement project should be split into 4 main phases.

What to Expect from BusT

*phase 2,3,4 can be repeated based on number of releases

What to Expect from BusT

*phase 2,3,4 can be repeated based on number of releases

Mergers & Acquistions

Our team has extensive experience and a track record of delivering successful outcomes for our clients in the field of mergers and acquisitions, specifically within the insurance industry. We have a deep understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities that arise in these transactions, and are well-equipped to provide expert guidance and support throughout the process. Our approach is tailored to the needs of each client and the team is dedicated to ensuring that every transaction is a success as we work closely with clients to achieve their business goals.

GAP analysis

Due diligence and comparison of core systems and processes with outcome giving information what to adjust or decompose.


Connecting of individual requirements of IT, Operations, Product and Finance to make the final result cost-efficient.


Transition analysis and detailed timeline preserving smoothness of transaction before and after the D-day.


Minimizing the impact of the difference between ecosystem of the acquired company and the buying one while validating with business requirements.